About Trillium

Trillium is a corporate group that has gathered professionals from various spheres of web development and online marketing. Being united with one goal, we find our mission in promoting our clients’ business by applying full spectrum of online marketing tools.

Who are we?

Trillium corporate group consists of two web-studios (Laxmi and Web One ), a seo-studio (CyberShark) and an online marketing agency (the name is a secret for now 🙂 ).  All in all Trillium employs 21 member of staff and the number will exceed 50 members if we count all the freelance and remote employees involved in the problem solving process.

  • Laxmi (http://laxmi.com.ua/) – website development and promotion (premium segment);
  • CyberShark (http://www.cybershark.com.ua/) – website development, support and promotion (business segment);
  • WebOne (http://webone.com.ua/)  – website development and promotion (economy segment)
  • Online marketing agency

What do we do?

  • Develop, debug and promote online platforms
  • Conduct a technical SEO site audit and usability analysis
  • Launch and support contextual and display network promotion campaigns
  • Organize media banner advertising campaigns on third-party websites
  • Provide e-mail marketing for the clients
  • Promote and consult startup companies

But it’s not solely about making a site.

We create efficient online selling platforms, then develop a strategy to attract as many potential clients as possible, and after that we apply all the tools needed for the goals you set for your business.

How do we get it done?

We normally split the work into several phases:

  1. Get to know the client. We learn as much as possible about your business in terms of the sphere, peculiarities and tasks it’s supposed to deal with.
  2. Analyze the info. We conduct the analysis of the market niche and rival companies developing a target client profile.
  3. Make a plan. We develop the structure of the website, its design and usability. If we work with a readymade platform we analyze the structure and usability making a plan on SEO correction.
  4. Develop the project. We build the site filling it with test content. Then we test it, fix the bugs and test it once again.
  5. Optimize. We fill the site with the required content and carry out search engine optimization.
  6. Launch the project. We carry out a contextual promotion campaign attracting the first clients.
  7. Promote and advertise. We add other tools of online business promotion and client attraction based on the peculiarities of your business and the type of online platform.

Why choose us?

  • Exhaustive service list – we’ve got anything you might need from building a website to online business promotion
  • Problem solving skills – we’ll handle the task no matter how challenging it is. Whether it’s a small advertising campaign launch or a complex business promotion strategy – we’re in for the job
  • Responsibility ‒ it’s our middle name! We always stick to the deadline set in the contract
  • Expertise – our staff are extremely knowledgeable having tons of experience under the belt, yet we follow the latest trends and never quit perfecting our skills
  • Customized approach – we do realize that one way to handle a task can’t be equally effective for all of our clients, that’s why we’ll work out a strategy tailored to achieve the goals you set.
  • Quality product – we know what it takes to create a profitable site and we’ll do our best to make yours keep up with these high standards

Over the years the companies of our group accumulated tremendous experience each in its own sphere while working separately, which was later converted into multiple successful online projects. Now, having united, we joined our forces to promote the development of our group projects, and the results we’ve reached are the only evidence you need to make sure you’ve made the right choice trusting your business to the professionals of Trillium corporate group.