Advance of companies, products and services on social networks

Social-Media-Marketing1The social networks have strongly entered our life long time ago. Practically everybody is registered, at least, in one social network. And the majority the Internet users are owners of a set of accounts in the most different social websites.

According to researches of Yandex, more than 40 million accounts accrue to the Ukrainian segment. More than 16% of global traffic accounts for social networks. The most popular network of Ukraine is VKontakte where 27 million users daily communicate. Follow:

  • Odnoklassniki – 11 million;
  • Facebook – 3.2 million;
  • Twitter – 430 thousands.

Popular abroad, Instagram only gains momentum in Ukraine. However, Instagram and Twitter are developing more dynamic – according to professional opinion, there is predicted rapid increase of thematic and niche networks. New platforms won’t become threat for veterans of the market – they will work in parallel and in addition to social-media-marketing-part1segregate audience.

At the same time, almost every network demands providing information about a user and absolutely in all networks it is possible to learn a lot of things about a person, just following his open activity.

In addition, thanks to the fact that initially social networks are created as instrument of communication, information between users is shared very quickly, oftentimes getting “the friendly recommendation” character.

Such large databases surely are perfectly suitable for carrying out advertising campaigns and advance of services and products – SMM, your message will be seen by millions of users from various target groups.

Advantages of promotion of your resource in social networks

At competent approach, SMM is capable to influence positively:

  • on level of primary sales (advance on social networks takes the third place from thirteen upon conversion indicators in the transaction);
  • on loyalty of clients (reposts, likes and recommendations will create to you additional advertising);
  • on recognition of a brand (growth of trust to your production will cause increase in repeated sales).


Besides, advance on social networks isn’t surely connected with business and can be used by non-profit organizations, bringing the following bonuses:

  • growth of the authority;
  • recognition;
  • an opportunity to crate public opinion and other.

Pay attention to interactivity of advance on social networks: there are always questions, complaints or requests for consultations. In no case, you should never ignore either positive or negative activity. Imagine that situation that you come to office for asking a question and everybody just turn away and pretend that you are not even here. No answer in corporate page on client’s question is triggered the same emotions.


In such way, work with social networks has to be constant. You should not create a page of product or company and then leave it, because there is nothing more irritating than “dead” communities, which save questions and complaints month after month. Soon or later all the negative, which engender in this empty community, will exert the impact on your reputation in the network.

Besides, you cannot leave this kind of work on secretary or manager in the hope that they have time for such jobbing.

The best way is to address to professionals, who not only develop the general concept of advance of your products or the company, but they will also work with the community for the whole time to monitor dynamics of advance and, in fact, completely to control an advertising campaign.

Why Trillium Company?

social-media-marketing-frameworks-2-638Specialists of Trillium Company have a wealth of experience in the sphere of advance in a network and in advance of products, services and/or the companies in social networks:

  • VKontakte;
  • Facebook;
  • Odnoklassniki;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram.

Every social network has its own features: age or financial status of audience, communication form, flavoring preferences and many other things. Depending on character of the advanced product, we will develop for you the most effective strategy of advance on social networks.

Our collective consists of professionals, every of whom possesses serious experience in the subject. We:

  • know everything about social networks and effective ways of advance in them;
  • carry out all complex of the services connected with development and advance of business in a network (from zero to an effective resource with high rates of conversion);
  • understand perfectly all features of network advance and E-commerce in general (our resources – develop, our texts – work);
  • study attentively all data of your business niche and tendency in target audience (the competition, inquiries, trends, etc.)
  • approach creatively creation of each project;
  • work only for high quality result (and we are proud of the done work);
  • watch carefully dynamics of development (flexibility of our strategy allows to react quickly in any situation);
  • are always open for introduction of your amendments.

You know what you want to reach on social networks. We know how to make it.