Audit and optimization of a website

Аудит и оптимизация сайтаToday mane people already understand that just creation of the website isn’t enough for successful commercial activity. For that your offer will be seen, the Internet-resource has to be optimized, at least, according to requirements of search engines. Well, for achievement of success it was always necessary to keep up to date. And it is good if you create the website from scratch – experts will consider all details and will provide the working ready-made product.

But what can we do in situation, when a website already exists and doesn’t bring any sense? Of course, it can be replaced, using this opportunity for a rebranding on the Internet. However, if creation of a new resource seems to you too radical decision, it is worth ordering audit and optimization.

Why there need to audit?

Audit and optimization of online-shop or any other Internet-resource represents a number of the actions, urged to make your page most “visible” for searchers and, therefore, potential clients. In fact, all works are divided into two stages:f3305e2c5cc61cc645bedb67813d4a00

  • audit – the analysis of the real state Internet-resource. At qualitatively audit is exposed to analyze all components: technical qualities of the website, uniqueness and fullness of content keys, settings of a contextual advertising and many other things;
  • optimization – changes in structure, content and other thanks to which the website rises in ratings of search engines and to become more convenient for users.

Most often, necessity of the second stage of works doesn’t raise doubts, while the actions relating to audit seldom are appreciated. This opinion costs time, money and nerves for many customers, choosing the company, which will execute only optimization, they obviously make a mistake.

Pay attention, any professional in the sphere of advance of the websites will never begin to carry out optimization without preliminary audit!

In fact, high-quality audit for the subsequent optimization has the same value as the base for the multistoried building. All subsequent strategy of optimization, in each separate case, is based on results of the analysis, it is absolutely unique.

Advantages of audit and optimization by experts of Trillium company

The Trillium group of companies has wide experience of creation of the working websites for every taste. Thanks to a large number of the works, executed in this sphere, our experts perfectly know how to book audit qualitatively and to achieve a website exit in the TOP in the most short term.SEO-Audit111

Getting to work on yours Internet-resource, we:

  • will carefully analyze all indicators of the website;
  • will provide a detailed report, and also we will answer all your questions, concerning results of the analysis;
  • will analyze a niche and level of the competition in it;
  • will calculate the budget of optimization;
  • on the basis of data of audit, will prepare strategy of optimization of the website and will coordinate it with you;
  • will perform works as soon as possible.

You know what has to be the website of your company. We know how to make it.