Reputation management

Online Reputation ManagementThe number of deals closedby the Internet grows day by day. Most often, potential customers find needful company by search engine; they don’t know your company or characteristics of your products. Some Web visitors will be satisfied with information specified on the website, but many of them will try to find reviews of products, work of a delivery service, and the level of professionalism of management structure.

At this level you needcontrol of reputation in the network, because one spiteful comment on a third-party resource can exert negative impact on loyalty of clients and lead to sales level falling.

Management of reputation in the network represents removal materials of positive character about the company-customer to TOP. If you have used this service, at information request on your brand, first of all materials which characterize the company positively will be shown.

Who needs management of reputation

To begin with, reputation control on the Internet is interesting to the companies which name at all very famous. Also this service is necessary for business structures and the organizations of noncommercial character whose activity is directly connected with trust to their business reputation. These can be such companies:

  • online-stores;
  • tourist and entertaining organizations;
  • financial and legal institutions;
  • large holdings which are taking part in social projects;
  • people of public professions (actors, politicians, etc.).

This service provides not only regulation character of reviews of the company or production. Reputation control in the network allows also:

  • creationof necessary reputation from scratch;
  • protection from the discreditablematerials, published by competitors.

Advantages and risks of reputation management

Control of reputation in the network is actually full-fledged Internet PR campaign. It includes not only work with responses or comments at forums. It is the whole complex of works on placement the positive materials of online-reputation-management-tipsdifferent type directed to various segments of target audience and published on various resources. It includes:

  • responses and comments;
  • articles, reviews, interview;
  • interactive banners;
  • creation and moderation of theme groups in social networks;
  • video and photographic materials of information or entertaining character.

The advantages are obvious:

  • growth of number of loyal clients;
  • increase in credibility;
  • enhance of primary and repeated sales, or converting of product reputation according to a concrete situation.

However, as well as any PR campaign, poor executed service of management of reputation will lead to negative results: to loss of trust of clients. Besides, consequences of illiterate campaign should be corrected, the Internet remembers everything.

To avoid that kind of situation, call the professionals from the very start. Our team in the shortest possible time will:

  • study all information on the company in a network;
  • find any negative and will offer counteraction methods;
  • on the basis of the analysis of a niche, the competiveness and specifics of target audience, create positive image on the Internet to develop strategy;
  • trace the dynamics of reputation changes and make changes in case of need.

You know what you want to achieve in the Internet. We know how to make it.