Creating a landing page

Landing pageLandings aresimple autonomous web pages, which generally appear after clicking on online advertisements. These landings, also known as click-through pages, represent one of the four landing pages types, which are targeted to motivate visitors to commit an act that is necessary for you and gives an opportunity to make it simply and quickly.


Effectiveness of a landing page is called a conversion and it is considered as one of the highest. And this despite the fact, thatlanding pages usually aren’t exposed to search promotion.

The benefits of using landing pages

Each of us has often met landing pages. They are notable for:

  • simple attractive design;basic-website-conversion-funnel
  • colourful illustrative matter (it can be video, photo or graphics);
  • advertising character of texts;
  • existence of call to action;
  • presence of positive responses or list of awards of the manufacturing company.

Despite the fact that at first thought the landing pages seem to be simpleminded, they perfectly cope with their tasks. After that, autonomous web pages have many advantages, compared with full-fledged websites:

  • offer clearness, focusing on one goods;
  • because of the small information content, the visitor doesn’t lose focus on your offer;
  • lack of heavy graphics or designelements is allowed to use actively a landing page at a low speed of the Internet or on low-power devices;
  • an opportunity to create a qualitative landing pageswithin the shortest possible time;
  • possibility to analyze click-through rateand collecting data of visitors for further use within an email marketing (most often landing pages have the form for feedback);
  • simplicityof collecting statistical data and a possibility of fast corrections.

There is a mistake opinion that a landing page is suitable only for sales of one goods and exists only independently. That is not the case. First of all, a landing page can be part of a big website. In the second place, it is not limited by one product or only sales. The landing can motivate to download the catalog or to register on the full-fledged website. In a point of fact, with professional approachthe landing page can serve as one of the tools of brand promotion.

What landing page should be like?

The main objective of a landing page ismotivation of the potential client to action which can be made immediately, on the same page. On this basis, there are obvious requirements to good landing pages:

  • inconspicuous design; perfect-landing-page-infographic
  • existence noticeable buttons with an appeal;
  • easy and fast loading of the page;
  • high quality of content (the text has to call to necessary action, but without obtrusiveness);
  • aspirational illustrations;
  • theform for sending the order or registration has to be simple and fast.

Actually, in order that the landing pagebecome effective, there is necessary hard training, otherwise the page won’t enhance conversionrates. In other words, it won’t work at all.

To avoid spending time and money in vain, for creation of landing page with high conversion, contact professionals. Specialists of group of Trillium companies possess impressive experience of start landing pages.

Our team will quickly and qualitatively create a landing page on turnkey basis:

  • we will study yourniche and the competition in it;
  • we will calculate the budget;
  • we will develop the offer, its graphics and content;
  • we will trace the dynamics of conversion and, if it is required, we will correct.

You know what you want to achieve from online trade. We know how to make it.