Creation of online stores

Create-the-eCommerce-WebsiteIn Ukraine todays E-commerce share equals 2,1% of the general commodity turnover and continues is accelerated to develop. Total amount of online-transactions makes about 25 billion hryvnas. For 2016 year it is expected significant growth.

Every day on the Internet-shops hundreds of thousands of successful sales are made, and to that there are a number of the objective reasons.

Advantages of online sales

Opening your own Internet-shop, you lay the powerful foundation for further development of the company. Online sales aren’t today’s niche of startups any more – it is convenient commercial platform for players of all levels. Respectively, all elements of the business sphere take place: competition, advertising and other. Qualitatively made and competently advanced online store will give you the following advantages:

  1. Considerable cut in expenditure, because:
    • charges OMA-Comp-Online-Stores-Graphic.jpgof a network resource are many times lower, than only the cost of rent of usual shop;
    • lack of utilities;
    • reduction of number of hired workers or their total absence;
    • advertising in a network can be more favorable and cheaper than habitual analogs. Besides, she is better distributed between target groups.
  2. Growth of primary and repeated sales, for the account of:
    • he fact that the audience isn’t limited to anything, except target characteristics;
    • opportunities to work with potential buyers;
    • totality of the optimizing and advancing tools;
    • availability of the range of goods for viewing within 24 hours a day;
    • lack of influence of a geographical factor.
  3. Creation of brand image or advance of a concrete trademark, thanks to qualitatively executed online store:
    • convenient and clear navigation;
    • simple form of registration of the order;
    • integration with delivery services and systems of payment;
    • high speed of loading on any devices;
    • quick response to activity of clients in comments to goods;
    • compliances of elements of registration and SEO-optimization of texts of target audience.

All aforesaid completely explains popularity of creation selling Internet-platforms. But for that online-shop make any profit, true professionals have to be engaged in his production.

Why we?

The Trillium Group team represents community of specialists in creation, maintenance and advance effective online store.

Possessing serious experience in the sphere, our companies have united to bring result of works and your business to qualitatively new level:

  1. We project and start unique Internet-shops of any production. We create qualitative online shops on the basis of cursors:OpenCart;
    • Bitrix;
    •  WordPress;
    • or we will write original CMS for your online store;
  2. We carry out all complex of the services connected with 3ae05fca4977f36ba37efe1bfa9bb64cdevelopment of business in a network (from zero to the effective website with high conversion in successful transactions);
  3. We understand all subtleties of network marketing and E-commerce in general (our shops – attract, our texts – sell);
  4. We analyze attentively all data on the customer’s niche (competition, range, inquiries, tendencies, and other);
  5. We creatively approach the solution of each task (our works possess identity);
  6. We work only for high quality result (we are the real perfectionists of the business);
  7. We trace carefully dynamics of development of the project at all stages (flexibility of our strategy allows to react quickly in any situation);
  8. We are always open for introduction of your amendments (we coordinate each step in development of future shop).

You know what you want to reach on the Internet. We know how to make it.