Development of market of venture investments in Ukraine in 2015

In the last several years Ukraine has managed to prove itself as supplying country of products, competitive at the global level, was said by Andrey Kolodyuk, the chairman of the supervisory board of UVCA (Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association).

Also he has noted that at least couple investment transactions was closed within seven days in the country, and general indicators in this sphere have grown in three times, in comparison by a situation of five-year prescription. It should be noted that nearly a half of the coming investments is the foreign fund.

At the same time, in his opinion, near the European countries, the Ukrainian market is still insufficiently capitalized.

доля инвестиций в европе

By results of 2015 UVCA has constituted report of sector status.

To understand what the investment climate was last year, we will address schedules and reports from the report.

венчурные инвестиции

So, there are about sixty companies in our country which are actively engaged in investments. Twenty of them did not leave the market, but also did not show strong activity in 2015.

In total for last year 132 million have been invested (three times higher, than in 2014). In comparison with GDP, the share of investments has grown from 0,1% in 2010 to 0,16% last year.

In total 66 similar deals have been closed. The share of the national fund constitutes up to 52%, and average value of the check for seed-stages equals to about 400.000 dollars.

The most known events of 2015 in this sphere, according to UVCA, is Looksery purchase, and also investment into such companies as “Rozetka”, Depositphotos, Petcube and Ciklum.