Email marketing

pochtovaya-rassyilka-i-podpiska-na-vashem-sayte1Every business is based on relation between a seller and a buyer. The more a seller knows about buyer’s needs and interests, the better his work is. Therefore, good seller is, as a rule, also shrewd psychologist, and skilled “sales manager” is always worth his weight in gold.

However, the world doesn’t stand still, and today on the Internet competently constructed strategy – emailmarketing can replace function of such expert. The main advantage of this technology is the simultaneous report of your offer to the big group of people divided into various target audiences.

How does email marketing work

Email marketing on itself represents one of the most important features of online-trade and is, in actual fact, strategic mail-out. Many people confuse this service to a usual mailing or even spam, but it is a serious mistake:sending mailsis only way to report your offer to the potential client.Besides, sending of mails is only one, final action, while email marketing includes:EMAIL-МАРКЕТИНГ

  1. Studying the niche and level of the competitiveness in it.
  2. Collecting base of the potential or existing clients.
  3. Base segregation on target audiences on actual for each concrete business and characteristics.
  4. Learningthe trends in the field of work of the customer.
  5. Making out the unique offer for one or several target audiences (includes both filling by content, and design appearance of the mail).
  6. Mail-out offers by the base of email addresses.

One more extremely important difference is the subscription to mailing on own accord.Spammers take base of addresses from open sources; the sender doesn’t know that his mail is signed on obtaining advertising messages. But if email marketing for your company is made by experts, potential clients will agree to receive information and expect new offerswith impatience.

Advantages and risks of strategy of Email-marketing

The advantage of this kind of marketing is obvious: despite the general network impersonality, you will be in touch with potential and existed customers. Your clients will know that expansion of the range or interesting promotional offers won’t take place by as you care for them. In this way becomes result of systematic work:

  • importantenhance of second sales;
  • increase number of customers in general;
  • developing a level of clients loyalty to you and your company.

Put simply, they will receive pleasant impression of work with you,thanks to regularly arriving new offers they will continue to buy from you and call your brand when somebody asks their advice.


Such is the general theory of email marketing, if it is made by professional, works.

However,everyoperative tool demands experience and known share of discretion. In untrained using, the email marketing become, actually, spam, and the name of the company sender doesn’t cause anything except irritation. There are some questions, which beginners have to answer at all stages of the embodiment of strategy:

  • How to motivate the client to subscribe to mail-out?
  • What technique use to divide into target audiences in a concrete case?
  • How should your offerlook externally?
  • How properly to offer with no lossof trust?
  • How often it is necessary to send messages for not to become persuasive on the one hand, and not to be forgotten with another?

Only one wrong answer to any of these questions is capable to destroy complete strategy and bring all results to naught. And the provided list isn’t complete.

How to avoid mistakes? The answer is obvious: if you want the best, call the best. We have a wealth of experience in the field of internet marketing in general, and in an email marketing in particular.Specialists of group of Trillium companies will:

  • study all the data;
  • organize collecting actual email addresses;
  • work exceptional strategy;
  • create original content and appearance;
  • tracethe dynamics of efficiency and will make changes if it is required.

You know what you want to achieve from online trade. We know how to make it.

Finally – a cool video from BuzzFeed tape that would be, if email-sending out outside the network.