Media advertising

Social media communicationThe media advertising is the promo information, which is placed on large thematic portals with the high level of attendance. Such kind of advertising has broad wide coverage of audience, but, depending on concrete product, can aim small target groups and take place on the appropriate thematic resources. It can be:

  • graphic;
  • video;
  • interactive.

Main purpose of media advertising is informing the largest number of people from target group in the minimum terms.

Advantages of media advertising

Today more than a half of Ukrainians are online. The growth of indicators of web penetration was about 5-6% for 2014-2016. The total amount of closing deals in the Internet has made nearly 25 billion hryvnas in 2015.

By expert evidence, Ukrainian online-businessmen will earn more in 2016. The media advertising allows:why-use-social-media-marketing-for-advertising

  • to advance brand or products in the market;
  • to create brand image of a product or a company;
  • to increase trust of consumers;
  • to expand a circle of admirers of trade mark;
  • to create reputation in a network;
  • to raise at the expense of all above-mentioned of sale and the authority of the company.

Necessity of media advertising is obvious to those representatives of business, who got used to work on long-term projects. While using this tool, conversion of sale is small, but the statement of a new brand, or informing about innovative improvements of an old product, will make profit indirectly.

Features of media advertising companies

However, before campaign start, it is necessary to study carefully market condition, preferences of target audience and many other things. Low-quality advertising won’t bring result.

And here really badly executed, media advertising will glorify your product on the Internet as something annoying and will cause the negative relation to goods and producer. Except investments made in unsuccessful strategy, additional investmentNew-Digital-Advertising-Pyramids will be necessary for you to correct reputation in a network and … Of course, repeated investments in advertising.

To avoid losses from a low-quality advertising campaign, we recommend to address only professionals initially. Our team will:

  • study a niche and a product of your company, and also feature of target audience;
  • coordinate with you appearance and a format of announcements, their rate;
  • offer advertising options on the Internet;
  • trace dynamics of an advertising campaign and make amendments to strategy, if it is necessary.

At first thought, it all seems simple and clear, but development and placements of banners of a media advertising will demand considerable experience in the most different spheres, from graphic design, to a clear understanding of a situation in a business niche, which is occupied by the company customer.

Why we?

We are the group of companies Trillium. Our team is engaged in creation, maintenance and advance, which are effective for the Internet resources. Each of us possesses serious experience in the sphere. We:

  • work in a complex (from zero to an effective resource with high conversion);
  • understand perfectly all features of a media advertising (our campaigns – make profit, our banners – attract);
  • study attentively all data on your business niche (the competition, inquiries, trends and tastes of target audience, and other);
  • carry out creatively objectives;
  • work only for high quality result (and we are proud of the done work);
  • trace carefully indicators of dynamics of development of the project (flexibility of our strategy allows to correct quickly them);
  • are always attentive to your ideas.

You know that you want to offer on the Internet. We know as well as where it is necessary to offer.