http://jurtransavto.com.ua/jurtransavto.com.ua is one of own projects of Trillium group of companies.

This website has difficult history. In the first place the domain belonged to JurTransAvto Company, which field of work was legal consulting in transportation. However, as it often happens, with time the company stopped working with their Internet resource and they definitely lost their interest in it.

This domain was bought by Trillium. We decided to leave specificity of the portal and even leave contact information of previous owner. For now jurtransavto website is platform, where everybody can find much useful information about transportation all over Ukraine. Dividing information into cities and districts categories makes this portal not only informative, but convenient too.

If you want to take part in work of this project or you want to create your own, contact us:

+38 (067) 524 32 32

Trillium company also works and gives consultation on investments in modern technologies development, and also creates and develops web-portals of different appropriations.