Removal websites from search filters

Выведение сайтов из-под поисковых фильтровDoes your company have representation on the Internet? Money and time are spent to create the beautiful and convenient website, besides, you even advance it in a network? It would seem everything perfectly and suddenly – the website of your company got under the filter. Google or Yandex brought your resource to ban. All resources enclosed in commerce online are spent in vain. Potential clients don’t see your goods any more, and the website needs all the same to be paid.

Situation is not from pleasant, but it isn’t necessary to despair: specialists form the group of companies Trillium can help in the circumstances. We will bring you from under filters and we will return it to the TOP.

But in the beginning, let’s understand why this trouble has happened and how to avoid it in future.

Why websites get in ban?

If your website has got under filters, so the search engine has suspected you of an unfair way of development. As a rule, it happens if promotion of Internet-resource was entrusted nonprofessional performers. The main mistakes, and at times, and intended deception of the customer can look so:ban-site-banned-site

  • oversupply of keywords in text filling;
  • oversupply of reference weight;
  • application of manual or automatic “clicking”.

The result of such activities will get a resource to the top ten for one-two weeks, but as soon as the search engine marks dishonesty of a method, the website “will disappear” from delivery on three-six months.

That is, for several weeks of the increased “visibility”, it is necessary to pay in months of full obscurity. Naturally, losses from ban will exceed all possible primary profits. Besides, you should ask for the help to remove a resource from under filters.

To avoid ban, it is necessary to approach with responsibility the choice company of SEO-optimization. You remember that real specialist in advance of websites works for durable and reliable result.

How to return the website to search results?

Removal of the websites from under filters of search engines is a complex of unique measures in each case.

First, different searchers will demand various approach. Each search engine has the set of rules according to which the website admits correct or wrong. Besides, the list of these conditions is constantly updated for each specific searcher. You can appear in a situation when Google bans you, and Yandex don’t, and vice versa.

Secondly, it is possible to get in ban for many reasons, which should be found out and eliminated. A conclusion stumbling block from under filters is what the system doesn’t specify under what algorithm the “disallowed” website has got. To find out it is necessary to carry out careful audit.

And the last, it is necessary to advance anew Internet-resource, the website has to work: to be “visible” and to make profit. And it means that all what you already paid for, it is necessary to pay again.panda-penguin

For this reason it is important to address competent experts from the very beginning. The team of group of companies Trillium will quickly carry out the general audit of a website and will find the filtration reasons. We will remove from under Google filters:

  • “Panda”;
  • “Penguin”:
  • sanctions for the bought references entered manually.

We will remove from under Yandex filters:

  • AGS-40;
  • affiliation;
  • “Minusinsk”;
  • reoptimization.

We will develop ways of removal the reasons of ban for each searcher. Also our experts will:

  • carry out the analysis of a niche and level of the competition in it;
  • offer strategy of optimization and further development.

We will remove your website from under filters and we will return in leaders of search results without consequences in the form of ban.