The market was entered by the new CRM service – available and functional NetHunt

With the help of a novelty it is easily possible to turn Gmail into the real CRM-system. Among declared functions:

  • creation on the basis of correspondence in mailing business objects, which can be grouped in different parameters and included into mailout;
  • existence of information on reading of letters, including data on the one who, when and where read the letter;
  • tracking and removal of data on history and context of correspondence;
  • creation of the alternative list of affairs, by follow-up install;
  • integration with Google services of Calendar and Google Apps.

Also, the version of the program for smartphones will be available in the future. At this stage there is only an iOS-application.

The novelty is a product of a startup of the expert from Invisible CRM, Andrey Petrik, together with Alexey Lunkov and Sergey Chudnovsky. As founders speak, creation of service seemed to them necessary as the existing CRM are almost not integrated with Google services. Because of it their use demanded separate skills, or was simply inconvenient. Besides, use of already existing analogs costs twice as expensive.

So creating of his own service, Petrik and his company tried to consider all minuses of predecessors.

NetHunt is focused on the Gmail interface and considers the main characteristics of users of this system. Besides, service has high potential of control: NetHunt can be used for simple management or even for tracking and the large email-companies.

Of course, new CRM has good functionality and continues to develop, but her main advantage in the market, meanwhile, is low cost. Unlike analogs, NetHunt has only two tariffs: for the small and growing business. The cost of services, respectively, is from 25 to 500 dollars in a month. The difference in tariffing is defined only by the number of users.